Melanie Gurdon NAVP


Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists. FHT

Mel was a sucessful event rider in the 1980's representing Great Britain on her horse "The Done Thing".

Mel has been working in the equine physiotherapy field for over twenty years. In 1987 she trained as a veterinary physiotherapist and worked in Newmarket for ten years and then in Berkshire for a further eight years. During this time treatments have progressed a great deal and horses are receiving physiotherapy much sooner after diagnosis. She is now treating a wide range of equine athletes and leisure horses.

Mel re-trained at Newbury College in Sport and Remedial therapy in 2002 and set up her own clinic in Ramsbury, Wiltshire in 2004. Please see the "People Treatment" section for details of the extensive remedial treatments available.

C P D stands for Continued Professional Development and is essential for keeping up to date with the fast pace of complimentary health care, please visit theCPD pagefor details of seminars and courses attended during the last year.

The National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapy (NAVP) was established for the purpose of providing physio and complementary care to the animal populace in this country, particularly horses, dogs and cats.The cornerstone to NAVP lies in the belief that physiotherapy should only be carried out subsequent to diagnosis and referral form a veterinary surgeon. Veterinary Physiotherapist uses non-invasive techniques for the rehabilitation of injuries. This includes the use of laser therapy, electrical stimulation, magnetic therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, rehabilitation exercise, hydrotherapy, massage and stretching.

Individual therapy programmes are developed to promote rapid recovery and successful return to performance.

Please contact Mel for any further details