2007 – 2013

C P D stands for Continued Professional Development and is essential for keeping up to date with the fast pace of complimentary health care

C P D Courses Attended 2013


  1. Lambourn Equine Vets

Subjects:         Regenerative medicine
                        Equine gynaecology
                        Essential first aid for the horse
                        Behind the scenes at Greenwich
Date:                12 February 2013
Duration:         Evening


  1. Horses Inside Out

Subject:           Anatomical riding
Date:                5 March 2013
Duration:         Evening


  1. Hartpury Equine

Subject:           Lameness for Therapists
Date:                9 May 2013
Duration:         5 hours


  1. NAVP Conference

Date:                26 October 2013
Duration:         1 day
CPD Credits:   6

C P D Courses Attended 2012


  1. Horses Inside Out Conference

Subject:           Anatomy for Performance
Date:                25 – 26 February 2012
Duration:         2 Days
               CPD Points:    14



Date:                14 March 2012
Duration:         1 Day
CPD Points:    7


  1. Applied Anatomy Biomechanics

Date:                13 – 14 October 2012
Duration:         2 Days
CPD Points:    14


  1. Saddle Research Trust

Date:                18 February 2012
Duration:         1 Day
CPD Points:    7


  1. NAVP Conference

Date:                27 October 2012
Duration:         1 Day
CPD Points:    7                         

C P D  Courses Attended 2009 

1.       Horses Inside Out
          Subject:      Forelimb Dissection
                              Royal Agricultural College
          Date:           28.02.09
          Duration:    6 hours      

2.       Horses Inside Out
          Subject:      Hindlimb Dissection
                             Royal Agricultural College
          Date:           21.03.09
          Duration:    5 hours

3.       Thor Laser Course
          Subject:      Application of Low Level Laser and LED Therapy
                             Karen Carroll D.O., Dip Paed Ost. ND
          Date:           10.05.09
          Duration:    6 hours

4.       Electrotherapy Update Course
                             Professor Tim Watson PhD, BSc, MCSP: Dip TP
          Date:           21.11.09
          Duration:    6 hours

This year has been very busy with a good mix of competition horses, racehorses, Pony Club ponies and leisure horses treated.

The human massage side of the business has grown by 25% with a wide range of injuries, aches and pains treated.  I have a new electric massage couch which has made it much easier for both my patients and myself.

I purchased a new Ultrasound Machine which is used on many soft tissue problems and I am researching a new machine called a Physiopod – deep oscillation for active healing and fast regeneration.

I continue to use all the machines listed on this web-site, but I am always on the look out for new and exciting developments in remedial and complimentary health.

2007 & 2008

 1.       Date:                    30.06.07
          CPD Points:          5 ½
Brief Subject:       Electrotherapy Update Course
                                      Chris Watson

2.       Date:                    9.09.07
          CPD Points:          5
          FHT Annual Sports Conference
          Brief Subject:       Manipulation/Mobilisation of the Lower Limb
                                      John Gibbons BSc
                                      Soft Tissue Release
                                      Mel Cash

3.       Date:                    20.10.07
          CPD Points:          5
          Equine Science Conference
                                      Dr David Marlin

4.       Date:                    15.11.07
          CPD Points:          5
          Thoroughbred Racing and Breeding Seminar     

5.       Date:                    20.04.08
          CPD Points:          5
          FHT Sports Conference 2008
          Brief Subject:       Shoulder Injuries
                                      Treating Runners
                                      Jane Johnson  MCSP

6.       Date:                    12.05.08
          CPD Points:          3
          FHT Support Group
          Brief Subject:       Colours and Styles

7.       Date:                    07.07.08
          CPD Points:          3
          FHT Support Group
          Brief Subject:       Kinesiology