Pulsed Magnetic Field (PMF)



The Use of



All living cells have a potential between the inner and outer membrane of the cell, which is fixed when healthy.

When cells are damaged these potentials change, causing the attraction of negative sodium ions into the cell and positive trace elements and proteins out of the cell.

This results in liquid being attracted into the area and swelling or oedema ensures, causing heat and pain.

The application of pulsed magnetic field (PMF) has been shown to help restore the cells’ normal potential at an accelerated rate, aiding the healing of most wounds and reducing swelling.

Pain is also reduced when PMF is applied at 200 hz and pulse rate settings of between 5 and 25 hz.


The use of static magnetic supports have been around for many years now.  They come in all shapes and sizes and have been found to be very effective and a  safe form of pain relief for many conditions from back pain, problems in the neck and shoulders, knee and elbow problems.  It is becoming increasingly popular in the sports world with the use of magnets to help ease sore joints and aching stiff muscles.Continuous keyboard work can cause inflammation of the tendons of the wrist, hand
and fingers and can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger and even RSI.

There is a wide range of supports:

1.         Flexible elbow support – has 24 magnets 1100 gauss
2.         Flexible knee support – has 24 magnets 1100 gauss
3.         Flexible back support – has 16 magnets 1000 gauss
4.         Flexible wrist support – has 4 magnets 1100 gauss
5.         Flexible arm support – has 14 magnets 1000 gauss
6.         Flexible thumb/wrist support – has 12 magnets 1000 gauss
7.         Flexible ankle support – has 10 magnets 1000 gauss
8.         Shoulder support – has 18 magnets 800 gauss
9.         Knee support – has 16 magnets 1100 gauss
10.       Knee sports support – has 4 magnets 800 gauss

There are many other products but these are a few of the most frequently used magnetic supports.