Longwave Ultrasound is also more commonly used now because it has a much higher penetration and it can go through metal and bone. Its therapeutic uses are much the same as with shortwave ultrasound.

The treatments are carried out using 1 MHz or 3 MHz settings and depending on injury a pulsed or continuous mode will be used.

Mode will be used in short wave Ultrasound.

The long-wave Phys-Assist settings are as follows:

1.         47.62 K Hz
            13 watts
            10 Mw/sq cm

2.         47.63 K Hz
            34 watts
            27 Mw/sq cm

3.         47.63 K Hz
            50 watts
            39 Mw/sq cm

4.         47.63 K Hz
            95 watts
            74 Mw/sq cm  

Therapeutic Uses

Conditions Treated