Stress & Tension


Stress is not necessarily a bad thing, it is part of being human and a normal response to a challenge. Positive stress is the incentive to do our best or the element of risk that sustains ambition. A life without any challenge, can be as great a source of negative stress as too much work.

However everyone has their own stress threshold and sometimes a point when challenges and everyday living become too much to cope with, the balances of the body becomes upset.


Stress leads to:

Causes of stress, known as "stressors" may range from a life threatening event to being held up in traffic. Exposure to stressors prompts the stress response, a primitive fight or flight reaction that puts the body on red alert. This would use up lots of the energy created and would mop up the stress hormones generated. Nowadays it is psychological and not physical stress hormones that build up and imbalance the body.